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Valencia has seen the National Lottery first price fall onto one of its citizens twice in the span of 2 days. On June 22, the winning numbers today were 49190 (first prize) and 37159 (second prize). The first prize winning ticket has been sold in Valencia, at Calle Francisco BelvĂ­s, 10, under the 42nd lottery administration in the capital. The first prize of the National Lottery on Thursday totalled 30,000 euros to the tenth and 300,000 to the series. The second prize, with 6,000 euros to the tenth was sold in Cantabria, Baleares and Almeria.

The probability of the National Lottery winner to be in the same city as the previous one is extremely remote. It is the first time in the National Lottery history that the two first winners came from the same community in a row. Unfortunately, the winner did not come from the same street as the previous one. So far there has been no written records of that ever happening. However, there is record of the first and second winner coming from the same are of a city at the same time.

The lottery administration number 31 of Valencia, located in Avenida Maria Cristina, was the institution where the winning lotto ticket from the National Lottery was purchased Saturday, June 24. Two days after a neighbouring borough handed out the first prize winning number. The number 23204 was the first prize winning number.

The State Lottery and Betting explained that the winning number belongs to this administration, so they assume that no other winner be announced. Although, it will not be until next Monday, that they will not know for sure. That is because there is a small possibility that another administration may have the same number, but has not reported to the National Lottery. The rest of the bags, the seventh and second series, have been distributed in the town of Muro in the Balearics, while from the eighth to the tenth series went to Barakaldo in Vizcaya. Interesting, the second prize, number 69266, has also left a pinch in the Valencian municipality of Moncada. In particular, a receiving office reported having been the one responsible for selling the 12,000 euros winning ticket.

The rewards expire at three months, counted from the day after the last draw in which the bets participate. To request the collection of the prizes will be an essential requirement that you present your receipt. This receipt is the only support that shows that you have participated in a given draw. All bags are subject the rules and regulations set by the state. Moreover, it is important to show valid identification to confirm that you are a Spanish legal resident. If none of the rewards is claimed, then they will be returned to the National Lottery, and they will be used for future raffles.

It is remarkable two first prize winners came from the same city. It might never happen again in this lifetime. Sometimes, the lottery can give us events that we never thought could be possible.

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